Lenses BBGR Transitions

Transitions most balanced lens.

Transitions® Light Intelligent Lenses™ automatically adapt to changing light; helping you protect your eyes, helping you see better, while always having light under control.

Transitions continues to offer innovative light intelligent solutions for everyone. NEW Transitions Signature GEN 8 is truly the best a lens can offer, offering you ultimate protection for your eyes whilst not compromising on style.





Transitions Optical has been pioneering light management for 30 years. They understand that you want to protect your eyes from harmful light and be comfortable.

The latest generation, Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™, can provide you with a unique experience with this new frontier of performance, available in 7 on trend colours. With Transitions® Signature® GEN 8™, visual fatigue, squinting and dry eyes don’t need to be your norm.