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Lenses Nikon Digilife FP  



A wider intermediate progressive lenses for digital lifestyle (computers)


Recommended for: Progressive lens wearers who use digital devices most of the day


From smartphones to tablets, and satellite navigation systems to computer screens, our intermediate vision is more solicited than ever. Until now, improving far and near vision has been the focus of progressive lens design. The demand for an improved visual experience for 'digital distance' must be taken into account.



  • Suitable for progressive lens wearers frequently using digital devices
  • Very easy to adapt to, whether for first time wearers or current progressive lens wearers


Twice as wide as a conventional lens

An enhanced intermediate vision area for clearer view and easier access to your digital devices.


Conventional Progressive

DigiLife FP


Основные свойства


Smooth access to mobile devices

Better vision at a computer


Seamless far to near vision all day long

Easy adaptation


The best eyewear lenses are different depending on your needs.

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