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To see and be seen - today glasses are more than a medical necessity, they play a significant role in shaping your style and self-expression - today they represent you!


All types of glasses

Vision correction glasses - for adults are presented: Leonardo D, Bvlgari, Silhouette, Ray-Ban, Vogue, Versace, Prada, Polo Ralph Lauren, Penguin, Daniel Hechter ...

- and for children: Flexus, Ciao-Ciao, Transformers, Action Man, Barbie ...

Sunglasses: Bvlgari, Silhouette, Ray-Ban, Prada, Versace, Vogue, Daniel Hechter, Adidas, Raffaeli ...

BBGR France and Divel Italia Eyeglass Lenses

Various forms
- classic;
- modern style;
- original design.

The requirements of the time are more and more persistent, and fashion is becoming more and more capricious, but manufacturers always keep up with the changes in style. Accordingly, the classic frames acquire great elegance, emphasizing the characteristics of the character of its owner.

Each visitor can choose what is best suited to his individual needs and preferences.

Contact lenses

In addition to the aesthetic preferences of those who do not want to wear glasses, contact lenses also have a number of other features: for example, due to the fact that they are applied directly to the eyeball, more complete visual acuity is achieved. In addition, the lenses move together with the eyes, not limiting peripheral vision, which gives more freedom when driving and playing sports. And those who are constrained to wear glasses, note a sense of freedom and psychological comfort in everyday life. Currently, modern technologies allow the production of biocompatible contact lenses with high permeability to oxygen, while minimizing discomfort while wearing them.

We offer contact lenses of the most famous brands in the world: Cooper Vision (Biomedics 38, Biomedics 55, Expression Colors), Johnson & Johnson (Acuvue 2)

Quality assurance

How? - The quality guarantee is the quality of the glasses themselves of the already mentioned manufacturers, well known for the impeccable reputation of their products.

Of course, the medical selection of lenses and glasses are adjusted according to the doctor’s instructions.

Thus, the very presentation of well-known brands in our salon, as well as the competent advice of experienced professionals, ensure reliable quality and comfort.

In case of questions regarding the quality of products or services offered in the salon, they will be resolved at our expense!

- The client, leaving our salon, should see the world around him better and more pleasant!

About us
Family business, founded in 1988 by Chernobay Vasiliy Antonovich, candidate of astronomical sciences, a leading specialist in the field of optical physics in Moldova, was originally based on the manufacture of lenses for glasses and the offer of spectacle frames.

Now we are working with lenses of world-famous manufacturers, whose technical base allows us to introduce the most advanced technologies to ensure the high quality of the products offered. The attention and professionalism of our staff, already known after a long time, is important, which helps customers feel free and find the necessary, according to their individual medical and aesthetic requirements. High quality medical services are provided by experienced doctors with modern equipment. In our center, an initial examination of children and adults is performed. In cases of detection of complex pathologies, patients are referred to republican centers for a more thorough examination.

But our most objective assessment is our reputation, created by many years of diligent work, a positive attitude towards our clients and patients, as well as our constant efforts to improve the quality of the offer and service in the Astro-Optica salon.