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Culoare: aurie
  • Mărime: Medium
  • Material: Titanium
  • Forma: Rotund
  • Culoarea: aurie
  • Înclus: Husă originală
  • Opțiuni: Progresivi
  • Femei
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If you are looking for the highest quality and stylish rimless eyeglasses, you are in the tight place! Online store offers you a wide range of SILHOUETTEeyeglasses, which are the known leaders of the qualitative rimless eyewear!

As says the CEO of SILHOUETTE, the main objective of the company is not to follow the trends, but rather provide their customers with the high-end eyeglasses, which are light and comfortable, do not provide any discomfort in wearing, and improve people’s vision. All of the SILHOUETTE eyeglassesare made from the best materials, such as plastic, polycarbonate, and glass. These top-quality eyeglasses will also suit any style, as they are made in a classical and laconic style. Therefore, if you need the top-quality, durable, and elegant eyewear, you should not look any further, and just take a look at our SILHOUETTE eyeglasses collection.

We should you buy SILHOUETTE eyeglasses namely at our online store? We are committed to provide our customers not only with the top-quality eyewear, but top-quality eyewear at the lowest prices. We do not sell any fakes, but we are able to provide you authentic brands at affordable prices because our operational costs are much lower than of the optical store selling eyeglasses at boutiques and shopping malls.


SILHOUETTE is an Australian eyewear brand, which credo is to be not a trend or a fashion, but rather to deliver their customers the very best eyewear.

The brand was established in 1964 with only five employees and one designer with common idea of perfect eyewear. SILHOUETTE prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses have a signature detail – all of them are made in rimless style, which make them look gentler and less noticed on the owners face, not causing any discomfort in prolonged wearing. The main ideas of the brand are the highest quality of all produced eyewear, as well as their comfortable wearing by the people who choose SILHOUETTE sunglasses to protect their eyes from UV, or wear prescription eyeglasses.

People, who wear prescription eyeglasses, know how rimless eyeglasses are much more comfortable, as they are much lighter and you see without "boundaries”, so if you are still deciding which model to choose, we advise you to choose SILHOUETTEeyeglasses. If you don’t need prescription eyewear, but want to purchase qualitative and comfortable sunglasses, we also advise you to consider purchasing SILHOUETTE eyewear, in this case, SILHOUETTE rimless sunglasses.


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