RB 4340-V 2000
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3190 MDL

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Culoare: negru
Livrare gratuită de la 450 lei
  • Mărime: Large
  • Material: Plastic
  • Forma: Wayfarer
  • Culoarea: negru
  • Înclus: Husă originală
  • Opțiuni: Progresivi
  • Unisex
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RAY-BAN probably is the most well-known eyeglassesbrand in the world. And it’s not surprising! Right from the beginning, brand creators’ priorities were the highest quality and high-end design. RAY-BAN makes admirers of qualitative and stylish eyeglasseshappy already for more than 70 years! If you cannot imagine your outfit without a pair of sunglasses, you must have at least one pair of RAY-BAN eyeglasses in your collection. Probably, you already have a pair or two, but if you are here, that means you want to replenish your RAY-BAN collection, and we are glad to help you!

At our website you can find a wide range of RAY-BAN sunglasses and frames for prescription eyeglasses. We sell only authentic RAY-BAN eyeglasses. That’s why you can be sure that your eyes will be well protected, and that your eyeglasseswill serve you many years. Moreover, we know that RAY-BAN eyeglasses are quite expensive, and we try to offer our customers the best deals on genuine RAY-BAN eyeglasses, as we want to see our customers fully satisfied.

Which sunglasses brand is the most well-known and popular all over the world? I bet that the first name that came to your mind is Ray-Ban. Ray-Ban is an American brand founded in 1937, which gained enormous popularity among fashion lovers in the entire world because of the outstanding designer solutions and the highest quality frames and lenses used in the manufacturing of Ray-Ban sunglassesand prescription eyewear. Ray-Ban iconic sunglasses names and shapes are known, probably, by any person in the world. Who doesn’t know Ray-Ban Wayfarers or Aviators? Every fashionista must have in her collection of sunglasses at least one pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers and Aviators. You need examples? The most stylish and beautiful women in the world, Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie, are fans of the brand, and wear these amazing iconic sunglassesalmost everywhere they go. It is not surprising: highest quality lenses not only save your eyes from harmful UV, but also make any outfit look more edgy and elegant at the same time. Chose Ray-Ban sunglasses at our website, and order their delivery to your door today, not even leaving your home or office.







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